Learn How To Learn Javascript


Learn How to Learn:

What is Javascript, why javascript, how javascript??

What is Vanilla Javascript?

What you need to learn at the starting of Javascript?

  1. numbers: simple number system
  2. string: a collection of characters. example: “I am Naim”
  3. boolean: whether a condition is true or false
  4. arrays: a collection of items or values stayed in []
  1. undefined: when you won’t define anything
  1. Primitive Data Type: Deals with values
  1. built-in functions : alert(), console.log() etc
  2. user-defined functions:
  1. normal function:

Leveling Up to ES6:

What you need to learn at the intermediate phase of Javascript?

What you need to learn at the advanced phase of Javascript?




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Md Abdullah All Naim

Md Abdullah All Naim

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