Boost Your Javascript Knowledge-Part2

  1. Primitive data type
  2. Reference data type

Error Handling:

  1. single-line comment:

What Is Cross Browing?:

Coding Style:

  1. always give spaces between parameters
  2. to give spaces between operators.
  3. indentation is required for better code readability.
  4. curly braces on the same line should be neglected
  5. Do not repeat your code
  6. an empty line should be avoided.

Introduction to asynchronous programming:

  1. half-duplex type transmission
  2. start and stop bits are added with data for security
  3. data is sent in the form of byte or character
  4. data transmission is slow
  5. no loading no need to wait




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Md Abdullah All Naim

Md Abdullah All Naim

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